Black Ájë Cronicles

This blog is for all of the divine little Black babies who felt too strange and alien to call themselves simply…human; I’m here to remind you…you’re right.

As I explore and engage in magick; spell work, divination, tarot and healing herb & root work, I want to bring you along to learn from the tradition of goddesses and healers with me.

To learn of our roots in conjure work as black people and how we maintain our stamp on it today.

To learn about building ritual, highlighting forms of magic & conjure work you may have never considered.

To engage in rediscovering your own conjure abilities.

To guide in developing healing methodology that works for you.

Dun kno…this is also gonna be a place for a sister to vent. Cuh you know my queer, black ass has some shit to vent about in 2016!

I will definitely highlight pages that have inspired me and I hope to also inspire you.

I hope that you are reminded of your innate divinity here.

I hope your black weirdo brilliance is inspired here.

I hope your critical mind is engaged while your magick-hungry spirit is conjured.

I have faith that you will find your healing.


In solidarity & healing love,



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