Energetic Cleansing Ritual for Home



Here’s what I do in my home, once a week, to keep the right stuff in and make it the safe space I so cherish.

I learned to cleanse my space from my ancestors predominately, but have definitely applied the stuff recommended by Luisah Teish’s ancestors, in her book, ‘Jambalaya’. This text is ideal for folks interested in conjure and ancestral worship, who are looking for ways to begin their own rituals at home. This is one of the few texts published by a black womyn in the field of spirituality, ritual and magick.

As you begin energetically cleansing your space regularly, you will find that your ancestors will like certain ingredients and will ask you change others; stay listening, they will always tell you. Adapt the ingredients to suit your comfortability and your home/work space/personal space.Give yourself a nice bath or shower; use salts and florida water and any oils or dusts that feel right for you. Wash your body from the top down, sending any constriction or stress into the water to flow away from you and into the earth for Mama to take from you. You don’t need to hold that right now; earth’s got you.

  1. Prepare in a bucket; 1 cup of urine (drink a big cup of water the night before and collect it in the morning; urine has ammonia which is ideal for sanitizing your space), 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, a splash of florida water, a splash of peace water, 3 drops of lemon oil (or other fragrance like jasmine or rose, etc.), and 1 cup of slightly boiled ‘banishing floor wash’ tea, or basil can be used in its absence. If you work in the space you are cleansing, add van van oil/floor wash and 3 coins to the bucket.
  2. Place a pinch of salt in each corner of the room you are cleansing.
  3. With the doors and windows closed, smudge the space with tobacco or sage or ‘balsamic moon’, and/or beat the walls with a broom dipped in bay rum or white rum.
  4. Open the windows to allow the smoke to leave and collect the salt, working from the spot you last laid it and collecting it in the opposite direction. Flush it down the toilet or dispose of it off of your property.
  5. Mop the floors in your mixture, meditating on and speaking aloud the intentions you have for the space and the types of energy and entities and people you want in the space.
  6. When disposing of the mop water, throw it our the back door or flush it down the toilet or dispose of it off of your property. Wash the items you used to clean the space.
  7. Wipe down the doorways with peace water asking that only those who seek to offer protection and peace be able to pass this threshold.
  8. Offer a prayer and lit white candle (blessed) to your trusted god(dess). Make an offering to them if it feels right or if they ask for it. Thank them for their continued support of your life on this earth. I will offer prayer to Santa Maria de Guadalupe and Ellegua at this time, as they are the deities that protect my home.

Easy enough, right?

Ostara Blessings!

In solidarity and healing love,