Woke AF: New Moon Psychic Sleep Opening



When we aren’t open to the ancestors for conversation in our waking state, they often speak to us in our dreams.

Many communities will have different symbols that will represent different messages from the ancestors in the dream state. For example, in Jamaican culture, if someone dreams of fish, someone close to them will be pregnant soon.

Psychic opening in the dream state is one of the best places to start, particularly because it is one of the few times we allow our body to relax enough for our spirit to take control and enter and leave the body at will. Our unconscious state is one of the most active states for our spirit bodies.

This New Moon in Aquarius encourages us to make the decisions necessary to fulfill OUR needs, so we may better serve our greater purpose. To tap into that which will keep us honouring our body, honouring our spirit & staying focused on OUR healing, so we can handle our role in the greater struggle and revolution occurring in our communities right now.

The answers are all inside, because that’s where your ancestors reside.

Tapping into our intuitive and psychic abilities (which we use daily; often unbeknownst to ourselves) can offer us access to immense healing knowledge that is tailor-made for us.

Only we know what we need.

The moon will make it’s wane to new at 7:07pm EST on Friday, January 27th.

Allow yourself to make some time for yourself in the days before, during or after the New Moon for reflection and release. You deserve it. Call on your supports to make this happen. With all you do for others, you have the RIGHT to do some for you, boo.


Intention Writing:


What comes up for you when you read/think, ‘my purpose’?

What do you want/need to create room for in your life/spirit?

What do you need to put behind you/let go of, so you can put your most grounded and elevated self forward?

What 3 immediate steps can you take to ensure your needs and wants are being met?


Energy Work:

Gather a piece of Black Obsidian and cleanse it with sage after letting it sit in salt for a while.

Hold it in your non dominant hand and visualize yourself releasing that which no longer serves you (answer to the 3rd Intention Writing question), into the stone.

What colour is the pain, trauma and constrictive energy for you? See that colour flowing into the earth and into the stone.

Wash yourself with healing and cleansing light from the ancestors. Visualize it entering through your head and down into the earth; pushing and washing all of that constrictive energy out.

Thank the ancestors for taking all of that pain, trauma and constrictive energy from you.

Then re cleanse the stone with sage and salt. Leave it in the waxing moonlight for 3 nights. Carry it with you as an absorber of any constrictive/negative energy that attaches itself to you or sits stagnant in your body.


Mixing A Psychic Opening Mojo:

Ingredients (1/2 tablespoon of each):

-Anise Seed

-Star Anise

-Acacia (Gum Arabic)


-Celery seed

-Combine ingredients into a purple pouch

*Feed the mojo for 9 days by massaging & anointing it with frankincense oil and/or florida water & smudging with mugwort. Speak intention into it for these 9 days.

Place it under your pillow where you sleep.


*Keep an open cup of blessed water (refreshed each evening before sleep) under your bed where your head is laid, to encourage communication from the ancestors in your dream state

*Avoid ingesting cannabis within the hour before you go to sleep

Altar Offerings:

-Open cup of blessed water

-Tobacco & Star Anise



Invocation Incense:

-Anise seed

-Dragon’s Blood


-Black Copal

Sister Spinster Tinctures to offer support with spirit speak and psychic opening:

-Angel’s Trumpet


-Over The Hedge

-Third Eye

You can find these awesome herbal supports at The Witches Brew Kombucha


You are capable of giving yourself what you need; healing and all.

You just have to step into the darkness and trust that your ancestors got you.

May the communion be sweet.

Blessed dreams.

In solidarity & healing love,



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