Come to The River: Full Moon in Pisces


Art by Belle13ArtDrops on Tumblr

Tonight’s full moon will be a glorious and grand release. The moon has been swelling beautifully this cycle and is now casting her healing light across our pains and our daily challenges.

The retrograde has had us in the same space; paused, still, meditating on all that we feel we need to do or haven’t done, while this moon is illuminating the space where our most uncomfortable fears have laid dormant this past retrograde season. It feels like a lot at once. All this while the Virgo sun has had us preparedly gathering all that we need and will need for the coming season and for our continued growth.

But this full moon is giving us a chance to let it all go. The guilt. The anxiety. The stress. The fear. Release.

This Pisces full moon is giving us a chance to empty ourselves of the constrictive emotions and let compassion, love and empathy come flooding in.

To go deeper inside ourselves and pull up the most repressed of our traumas and offer them to up to the moon for clearing, cleansing and letting go.

You do not have to hold this. You do not have to hold this alone.

Take a nice long bath or a long shower or sit by a body of water. Listen to it flow. Observe its ripples. Drink lots of water. Place some water on your altar or under your bed to open up the communication lines between yourself and the ether. Give yourself the medicine that is water this full moon. 

The Sun still in Virgo is giving us an opportunity for grounding and creating some security; to store resources for the winter months; to put preparedness effort in now for projects and initiatives that will sustain us for longer, later.

The Autumnal Equinox is September 22nd, the same day Mercury begins to transit direct (though the retrograde shadow will linger), so we will need to be ready with our next steps so that we can take action.

Do a walking meditation (a moving meditation), where the earth can connect with your person and where you can feel the sun on your skin. Bring some water with you and something to write down any striking thoughts or actualizations or plans that hit you in the meditation. Be flexible with yourself and your goals, as well as being gentle with your intentions. Though this sun is about preparedness, this moon is about compassion and love and letting go, so be kind to yourself.

Sit or lay down and allow your body to sink into the earth. Breathe into the places where there is stress or constrictive/negative emotion that has manifested somewhere in your body. Envision a strong white light coursing down from the Creator and through the spaces where stress and pain reside and breathe them into the earth. Bless yourself with water after.

Burn sage and lavender. Carry them with you to foster wisdom in directing your focus and keeping love of/for self alive.

Cook with chilli and cinnamon to keep a fire in you; to be fanned by the coming Libra Sun. This will aid in giving you the impetus for action on the plans you laid while the sun was in Virgo.

Make some moon water. Fill a clear jar/bowl with water that has been blessed and place it right under the light of the full moon. Outside is best, but inside is also perfect. Allow it to sit from when the moon rises to when it sets. Put it in a capped jar for use in cleansing and divining work later.

You are always in control.

In solidarity and healing love,




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