Full Moon Ritual: How to Develop Your Own


This Blue Milk Moon was particularly divine for me. This was the first Full Moon ceremony I was able to have with my partner in our new home.

No interruption.

No judgement.

Just us and Mama Moon.

It was a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a fresh chapter in our cypher; one of many beginnings for us in this lifetime.

It was also a perfect time to access celestial energies that would support us putting into play some of the inner-standings we’ve both been having on our respective and communal paths.


  • The Full Moon is a phenomenal time to do conjure work around fulfillment, celebrations, renewing commitments and is particularly effective in increasing psychic/divination abilities.
  • It is particularly effective when conjure work is done in groups. It will often reap best results when spell work is performed on a Full Moon.
  • It is also a perfect time to charge your crystals – that Full Moon energy is undeniable!


This was a rare moon we had on May 21st; it was a Blue Moon – called such when the full moon occurs twice in one month or the third or four full moons in a season; this one was the latter. Blue Moons carry with them the opportunity for miracle moments. Its like…when all the Sailor Scouts put their powers together and it super charges their individual attacks…


…thats what the Blue Moon does for your conjure work!

The full moon seen in May is known as the Milk Moon because it occurs during a time of great nurturing, birth and rebirth. It is also often called the Flower Moon.



We came off a Mercury retrograde on the 22nd that rocked all of our shiny souls. If we used that time for quiet and reflection, we can use the light and transit of this Full Moon in Sagittarius to propel our spirits to manifest our understandings, revelations and rememberings seen this past retrograde mini-season.

Every Full Moon will be different and depending on what sign it is in it will energetically and vibrationally assist you best in varying endeavours.

I have broken down the ‘Ceremony’ into general ritual sections, so you can insert what suits you best for your conjure work and the energy of the full moon accordingly.

CLEANSE: Physically cleansing yourself is an excellent way to also spiritually and emotionally cleanse. Water is healing. Even if you are filling a bowl with water and washing with a cloth. It is a way of letting go of any un-beneficial energies before going into a space where your contemplations and energy can make or break your divination or spell work. Using sage to energetically cleanse yourself and the space you’ll be divining in is also ideal.

I always encourage making your own baths, but sometimes its more comfortable to trust the witches who’ve been practicing the healing art of herb mixing and just cop one of their baths. The Full Moon Bath from The Witches Brew is an ideal pre-made bath, but you can often find a Full Moon Bath at any spiritual apothecary.


Sea Salt

Sea salt is an epic cleanser and purifier, both physically and energetically. It can draw toxins from the body and gently exfoliate the skin. It is also a master energy cleanser for all types of minerals and gems, including people! Its uses in hoodoo and herb magick are vast and varied. This is a great base for building your own Full Moon Bath; add different flowers and oils depending upon your intentions for your Ceremony work.

OFFERINGS TO ANCESTORS/WELCOMING: Ive been told that calling on an ancestor or spiritually transitioned loved one three times will summon their energy into the space. It is always a good idea to offer your gratitude for their presence and guidance with an offering of libation or fruit or blood. Pour the libation into a cup that will be for the ancestors. Keep it filled and present on your altar or with your candles for the length of the ceremony. Clothing yourself in colours that attract a specific deity or (god)dess may benefit you and further demonstrate your interest in pleasing them and listening to them.

A sample call:

I give thanks to the ancestors for their continued guidance and support in my life

I ask for their presence now as a blessing on the work I am about to perform

(Repeat 2 times – feel free to call on specific ancestors if you know their name(s))

May the celestial energies and deities fuel tonight’s ceremony

(Speak your intentions for the following ceremonial spell work)

CANDLE & CRYSTAL WORK/COLOURS: Candles and crystals can enhance any divination work you do. Candles are also important for attracting the spirits, opening ceremony & closing ceremony. A great general colour guide can be found here-but please refer to this simply for the colour guide. Another phenomenal discussion on colour work (especially associated with chakra work) can be found on The Hoodwitch’s page. Allow the candles to burn as long as possible; at least the length of the ceremony.


  • Burning copal resin on charcoal during your work will cleanse the energy while simultaneously helping to activate the brow and crown chakra, enhancing psychic abilities
  • Mix the copal with frankincense resin to bring intensification and focus to your conjure work

CONJURE WORK/SPELL WORK: I love to take spells from various books. The ‘Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac’ is so much fun to work with. I’ve also really enjoyed the celestial based spells I’ve found in ‘Moon Spells’, purchased at The Witches Brew. ‘Jambalaya’ is also a great divination text for womxn from the African diaspora. What are you seeking to manifest? What do you need support with? Do you know someone else who needs conjure work done on their behalf or for their benefit? Whatever you seek to create can manifest, however you need to know what you want and use the spell to guide that intention & end goal; the wrong spell will of course not bring the desired results.

CLOSING: Just as you have asked the ancestors to be present with you to support and witness your spell work, you must also permit them to leave. It is imperative that you take the libation you have poured for them and pour it out into nature as a release. A house plant is also acceptable. Simply thank them for their presence and their blessing on your work and ask that they leave and return to their rightful home in the all encompassing ether.

I have toyed with meditating during, before & after Ceremony, but I have found that a closing meditation is most beneficial for me. I like to take time for inner reflection on the work I’ve done and also check in with my chakras.

MEDITATION: A great basic meditation is to simply close the eyes, quiet the mind and begin to breathe deeply. Inhale and exhale through your nose. Make sure that the loudest sound is your breath. Depending on what colours you’re working with for your Ceremony, imagine your heart chakra glowing with an aura the colour of your candle. See your heart center being charged by the flame of the candle – it helps to envision a flame at the center of the aura. Envision that colour growing with each breath around all of your body. See yourself having manifested; see your spell work succeeding – what does that look like? As the colour grows around your whole being, feel charged by the energy of Mama Moon and know that you are being charged by her light. See the colour then absorb back into all 7 chakra points. Take a few deep breaths with that light and colour illuminating all chakra points. Then fully absorb it into a gold hue from the root chakra, up to your crown.

May you find center and balance.


In solidarity & healing love,



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