Blame It On the Retrograde: Conjuring Your Calm Through the Chaos



I snapped.

I succumbed.

And though the Sagittarius fire burns beautifully hot in me on the regular, this particular passion was far less than pleasing or productive.

I screamed and shouted. I stomped and stormed.

I lost control of my ability to effectively communicate. And words are usually my strong suit…

I’ve had a disheveled existence, in all senses of the word, this past month.

I have been beyond disorganized, self-doubting in my internal discussion, restless yet exhausted, unclear and clouded.

Based on what we know about this most impactful planetary shift, it would be more than safe for me to suggest that mercury having gone retrograde has had an impact.

I’m certain that I am not alone in this experience…

If you find yourself poppin’ off way too easily, cussin’ out the wrong people, unable to communicate, clumsy and clouded, well then…you may be feeling the retrograde blues with me.

Mars stationed Retrograde April 17th and will remain until June 29th. 

Mercury stationed Retrograde April 28th and will remain until May 22nd. 

We also have Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto retrograde, as well!

So yes, stars…it’s all happening at once!

Keep in mind that there is a period before and after any planet stations retrograde that it will cast an energetic shadow, thereby still affecting those of us roaming this blue planet. This means you will still be able to use that (inner)gy to divine…or feel like it’s all falling apart.




Here are some ways I harness the opportunity for strong conjure as opposed to becoming overwhelmed by the ambiance:

Observe your communication.

When I snapped, I failed to be present in or patient with self. Do deep breathing check-ins; take 10 deep breaths and seek to relax all muscles progressively with each breath. Where is the tension? What emotions come up? Just observe them, don’t be judgemental. Reflect on what you want to say and how another may be most receptive to it, while in its full truth. Be committed to your meditation process. Even if its 5 mins a day or 5 mins once a week, take the time to speak with self. How you speak with self can be a determinant of how you speak with others. If you can, don’t actively engage in any arguments or difficult conversations until you can see, think and speak with your own understanding of clarity.

Call the ancestors into the space and ask for guidance. 

Whether directly in ritual (through pouring a sweet alcoholic drink) or through meditation, the ancestors will speak to you if you are quiet enough. They are not affected by the planetary alignment the same way, so they can guide you properly. They will speak to you through the elements and your intuition. I often receive communication through other animals, as well.

Carry lapis lazuli.

It is ideal for helping one shed the ego-skin and relax comfortably into one’s self. This reduces the fear of judgement, therefore increasing one’s comfort in speaking their mind; this taps into our Third Eye or Brow Chakra, allowing us to see more clearly. Cleanse your stones with quartz and take the Sister Spinster’s Third Eye Tincture, which can be purchased at The Witches Brew. This will help to enhance any divination work as well as opening you up to enlightened knowledge.


Lapis Lazuli

A traditional hoodoo remedy is carrying whole all-spice in a small pouch with you. It can bring the wearer feelings of calm and well-being.



Get reflective. Harness YOUR (inner)gy.

What have you been working on in your personal and/or professional life that you can turn into a reflective action? How is this positively or negatively affecting your life? Perhaps it is a good time to re-evaluate the relationships in your life and how they support you or how you support them. I love ‘free writing’ activities for these pieces; starting with a blank page and simply writing what first comes to mind (you may begin to have surprising parts of your self speak out). Write out action plans with major goals and smaller supportive goals to help guide you to the lofty ones; place this list in a quiet space under a piece of citrine (a stone of manifestation/conjure and personal will/creation) to help harness the energy to get the tasks done and goals achieved (when mercury is no longer stationing retrograde). Spend some time in solitude without people or devices. Meditate. Ask your interior questions. See what you see/hear/smell/taste/feel when you allow yourself to be still.





Though I love experimenting with ‘free writing’, I sometimes find that inner reflection can bring up un-solicited memories, trauma & emotions. I help myself engage in difficult discussion with self by attempting to consciously guide the reflection and focus my discussion:

  • Pick an aspect in your life that you want to discuss and write a letter to yourself. What have you been wanting to say to yourself about your work life or career goals? How have you been feeling in your intimate-lover relationships lately? Should you write a blog? 😛 During the writing, burn mugwort (which can be also be purchased at The Witches Brew) or frankincense resin on charcoal, for focus and intensification. This can also make a helpful morning incense to burn throughout the retrograde.




See what you can create! Whether its ritual or momentary action, what helps to center and stabilize you through this chaotic time?

Do your very best to BE PATIENT with yourself and others; we are ALL feeling it, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

May you find center and balance.


In solidarity & healing love,



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