Woke AF: New Moon Psychic Sleep Opening



When we aren’t open to the ancestors for conversation in our waking state, they often speak to us in our dreams.

Many communities will have different symbols that will represent different messages from the ancestors in the dream state. For example, in Jamaican culture, if someone dreams of fish, someone close to them will be pregnant soon.

Psychic opening in the dream state is one of the best places to start, particularly because it is one of the few times we allow our body to relax enough for our spirit to take control and enter and leave the body at will. Our unconscious state is one of the most active states for our spirit bodies.

This New Moon in Aquarius encourages us to make the decisions necessary to fulfill OUR needs, so we may better serve our greater purpose. To tap into that which will keep us honouring our body, honouring our spirit & staying focused on OUR healing, so we can handle our role in the greater struggle and revolution occurring in our communities right now.

The answers are all inside, because that’s where your ancestors reside.

Tapping into our intuitive and psychic abilities (which we use daily; often unbeknownst to ourselves) can offer us access to immense healing knowledge that is tailor-made for us.

Only we know what we need.

The moon will make it’s wane to new at 7:07pm EST on Friday, January 27th.

Allow yourself to make some time for yourself in the days before, during or after the New Moon for reflection and release. You deserve it. Call on your supports to make this happen. With all you do for others, you have the RIGHT to do some for you, boo.


Intention Writing:


What comes up for you when you read/think, ‘my purpose’?

What do you want/need to create room for in your life/spirit?

What do you need to put behind you/let go of, so you can put your most grounded and elevated self forward?

What 3 immediate steps can you take to ensure your needs and wants are being met?


Energy Work:

Gather a piece of Black Obsidian and cleanse it with sage after letting it sit in salt for a while.

Hold it in your non dominant hand and visualize yourself releasing that which no longer serves you (answer to the 3rd Intention Writing question), into the stone.

What colour is the pain, trauma and constrictive energy for you? See that colour flowing into the earth and into the stone.

Wash yourself with healing and cleansing light from the ancestors. Visualize it entering through your head and down into the earth; pushing and washing all of that constrictive energy out.

Thank the ancestors for taking all of that pain, trauma and constrictive energy from you.

Then re cleanse the stone with sage and salt. Leave it in the waxing moonlight for 3 nights. Carry it with you as an absorber of any constrictive/negative energy that attaches itself to you or sits stagnant in your body.


Mixing A Psychic Opening Mojo:

Ingredients (1/2 tablespoon of each):

-Anise Seed

-Star Anise

-Acacia (Gum Arabic)


-Celery seed

-Combine ingredients into a purple pouch

*Feed the mojo for 9 days by massaging & anointing it with frankincense oil and/or florida water & smudging with mugwort. Speak intention into it for these 9 days.

Place it under your pillow where you sleep.


*Keep an open cup of blessed water (refreshed each evening before sleep) under your bed where your head is laid, to encourage communication from the ancestors in your dream state

*Avoid ingesting cannabis within the hour before you go to sleep

Altar Offerings:

-Open cup of blessed water

-Tobacco & Star Anise



Invocation Incense:

-Anise seed

-Dragon’s Blood


-Black Copal

Sister Spinster Tinctures to offer support with spirit speak and psychic opening:

-Angel’s Trumpet


-Over The Hedge

-Third Eye

You can find these awesome herbal supports at The Witches Brew Kombucha


You are capable of giving yourself what you need; healing and all.

You just have to step into the darkness and trust that your ancestors got you.

May the communion be sweet.

Blessed dreams.

In solidarity & healing love,



Come to The River: Full Moon in Pisces


Art by Belle13ArtDrops on Tumblr

Tonight’s full moon will be a glorious and grand release. The moon has been swelling beautifully this cycle and is now casting her healing light across our pains and our daily challenges.

The retrograde has had us in the same space; paused, still, meditating on all that we feel we need to do or haven’t done, while this moon is illuminating the space where our most uncomfortable fears have laid dormant this past retrograde season. It feels like a lot at once. All this while the Virgo sun has had us preparedly gathering all that we need and will need for the coming season and for our continued growth.

But this full moon is giving us a chance to let it all go. The guilt. The anxiety. The stress. The fear. Release.

This Pisces full moon is giving us a chance to empty ourselves of the constrictive emotions and let compassion, love and empathy come flooding in.

To go deeper inside ourselves and pull up the most repressed of our traumas and offer them to up to the moon for clearing, cleansing and letting go.

You do not have to hold this. You do not have to hold this alone.

Take a nice long bath or a long shower or sit by a body of water. Listen to it flow. Observe its ripples. Drink lots of water. Place some water on your altar or under your bed to open up the communication lines between yourself and the ether. Give yourself the medicine that is water this full moon. 

The Sun still in Virgo is giving us an opportunity for grounding and creating some security; to store resources for the winter months; to put preparedness effort in now for projects and initiatives that will sustain us for longer, later.

The Autumnal Equinox is September 22nd, the same day Mercury begins to transit direct (though the retrograde shadow will linger), so we will need to be ready with our next steps so that we can take action.

Do a walking meditation (a moving meditation), where the earth can connect with your person and where you can feel the sun on your skin. Bring some water with you and something to write down any striking thoughts or actualizations or plans that hit you in the meditation. Be flexible with yourself and your goals, as well as being gentle with your intentions. Though this sun is about preparedness, this moon is about compassion and love and letting go, so be kind to yourself.

Sit or lay down and allow your body to sink into the earth. Breathe into the places where there is stress or constrictive/negative emotion that has manifested somewhere in your body. Envision a strong white light coursing down from the Creator and through the spaces where stress and pain reside and breathe them into the earth. Bless yourself with water after.

Burn sage and lavender. Carry them with you to foster wisdom in directing your focus and keeping love of/for self alive.

Cook with chilli and cinnamon to keep a fire in you; to be fanned by the coming Libra Sun. This will aid in giving you the impetus for action on the plans you laid while the sun was in Virgo.

Make some moon water. Fill a clear jar/bowl with water that has been blessed and place it right under the light of the full moon. Outside is best, but inside is also perfect. Allow it to sit from when the moon rises to when it sets. Put it in a capped jar for use in cleansing and divining work later.

You are always in control.

In solidarity and healing love,



Because We’re Real: Spiritual & Physical Protection Work


The ‘evil eye’ worn or hung outside the home is said to ward off the evil eye (curse or negative intention/energy)

Womxn and femmes have always defined themselves outside of the lines and barriers laid out for them.

Constantly exceeding expectations and defying stereoptypes.

Black womxn, in particular, have always been the burden bearers for everyone else around them, without many spaces to find respite – except for…sometimes…with each other.

We have to be our own supports, our own bodyguards, our own offence and defence, our own healers, our own counsellors, our own lovers.

I trust my fellow womxn and femmes of colour (and those who’ve learned from them) to guide me in the best ways to keep myself safe, such that I may ward off the bullshit, the unecessary violence, the unecessary pain…

It is them who’ve protected me from birth and healed me when they couldn’t protect me.

It is them who’ve been my respite.

So it is to them I go for the knowledge, and to you, I offer it.

Indigenous Knowledge (North and South America)

Elder Joanne taught me to use SAGE and Elder Audrey taught me to use PALO SANTO. They are a phenomenal herb and wood for cleansing negative energy and clearing that which mal-intended spirits cannot cling to. Simply burn them; allow the smoke to wash over you and permeate the space you seek to cleanse. Give thanks to the ancestors for the blessing(s) with which you’re being bestowed.

Black/African (American) Hoodoo

  • ROSEMARY is a supremely protective herb, especially for womxn and femmes. If you have the space (and the time/interest in using your green thumb), plant the shrub near your front door, or place a black sachet (bag) full of the dried herb over your door frame. This is said to ward off ‘evil’ or mal-intended people/spirits.
  • For femmes/ womxn who menstruate: A dear friend, mentor and Caribbean ‘other mother’ of mine, Babette, taught me that placing a swipe of fresh menstrual blood over the door frame to your home and/or room will also ward off ‘evil’ or mal-intended spirits/people, for the producer of that blood.
  • SANDALWOOD powder & ANGELICA ROOT powder mixed and scattered across the front of your space will also be protective. Alternatively, sandalwood chips and a whole angelica root in a black sachet near the front door will do the same.
  • SALT sprinkled across doorways and in the corners of a home/space can literally keep mal-intended people from crossing over it. Salt is one of the most versatile medicines in the history of hoodoo.
  • SOLOMON’S SEAL chips at your window sills can keep ‘evil’ away and jinxes off of you; FERN will also ward off theft.
  • ASAFOETIDA ROOT (DEVIL’S DUNG) bundled in a small black bag and carried at your waist will ward off the police.

BLACK is said to be a protective colour; it absorbs, conceals and brings grounding. Wear or use the colour black to bring added protection to yourself and any divination work you do.


My Latinx bruja sistars taught me to ward of any bad juju or jinxes put on me through the use of an egg:

  1. Get a fresh white egg, bless it with Florida Water and call to the ancestors;
  2. Carry it all over your body asking the ancestors to remove any curse or bad energy that is being brought to you;
  3. Carry this egg to a crossroads;
  4. While standing at the crossroads, proclaim “I banish the negative energy/curse to never touch me again. A’se/Amen/So mote it be;”
  5. Toss the egg behind you and DO NOT look back.

Floida water is also great to use in blessings or to cleanse negative energy or spirits. Put a drop in the bath, bless your third eye before you leave home for the day or bless your altar or any offerings you seek to give.

My dear grandmother, who was trained in obeah by a friend in the Bahamas (when she ran away there many years back), always taught me to ask for ‘white light protection’ before meditation, ‘tuning into’ another’s energy, spirit talk or doing any divination or spell work. White is the absence of anything; a clearing; offers vision and sight. You simply ask the ancestors and your spirit guides to offer you ‘white light protection’ and invision that light surrounding you. When the image resonates clear and strong, you may offer thanks and continue whatever you were intending to do.

Keep loved ones close. Keep your self-care as a top priority.

Move tall. Move proud.

Have faith in your power to protect yourself. Know that you deserve safety.

In solidarity and healing love,


Full Moon Ritual: How to Develop Your Own


This Blue Milk Moon was particularly divine for me. This was the first Full Moon ceremony I was able to have with my partner in our new home.

No interruption.

No judgement.

Just us and Mama Moon.

It was a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a fresh chapter in our cypher; one of many beginnings for us in this lifetime.

It was also a perfect time to access celestial energies that would support us putting into play some of the inner-standings we’ve both been having on our respective and communal paths.


  • The Full Moon is a phenomenal time to do conjure work around fulfillment, celebrations, renewing commitments and is particularly effective in increasing psychic/divination abilities.
  • It is particularly effective when conjure work is done in groups. It will often reap best results when spell work is performed on a Full Moon.
  • It is also a perfect time to charge your crystals – that Full Moon energy is undeniable!


This was a rare moon we had on May 21st; it was a Blue Moon – called such when the full moon occurs twice in one month or the third or four full moons in a season; this one was the latter. Blue Moons carry with them the opportunity for miracle moments. Its like…when all the Sailor Scouts put their powers together and it super charges their individual attacks…


…thats what the Blue Moon does for your conjure work!

The full moon seen in May is known as the Milk Moon because it occurs during a time of great nurturing, birth and rebirth. It is also often called the Flower Moon.



We came off a Mercury retrograde on the 22nd that rocked all of our shiny souls. If we used that time for quiet and reflection, we can use the light and transit of this Full Moon in Sagittarius to propel our spirits to manifest our understandings, revelations and rememberings seen this past retrograde mini-season.

Every Full Moon will be different and depending on what sign it is in it will energetically and vibrationally assist you best in varying endeavours.

I have broken down the ‘Ceremony’ into general ritual sections, so you can insert what suits you best for your conjure work and the energy of the full moon accordingly.

CLEANSE: Physically cleansing yourself is an excellent way to also spiritually and emotionally cleanse. Water is healing. Even if you are filling a bowl with water and washing with a cloth. It is a way of letting go of any un-beneficial energies before going into a space where your contemplations and energy can make or break your divination or spell work. Using sage to energetically cleanse yourself and the space you’ll be divining in is also ideal.

I always encourage making your own baths, but sometimes its more comfortable to trust the witches who’ve been practicing the healing art of herb mixing and just cop one of their baths. The Full Moon Bath from The Witches Brew is an ideal pre-made bath, but you can often find a Full Moon Bath at any spiritual apothecary.


Sea Salt

Sea salt is an epic cleanser and purifier, both physically and energetically. It can draw toxins from the body and gently exfoliate the skin. It is also a master energy cleanser for all types of minerals and gems, including people! Its uses in hoodoo and herb magick are vast and varied. This is a great base for building your own Full Moon Bath; add different flowers and oils depending upon your intentions for your Ceremony work.

OFFERINGS TO ANCESTORS/WELCOMING: Ive been told that calling on an ancestor or spiritually transitioned loved one three times will summon their energy into the space. It is always a good idea to offer your gratitude for their presence and guidance with an offering of libation or fruit or blood. Pour the libation into a cup that will be for the ancestors. Keep it filled and present on your altar or with your candles for the length of the ceremony. Clothing yourself in colours that attract a specific deity or (god)dess may benefit you and further demonstrate your interest in pleasing them and listening to them.

A sample call:

I give thanks to the ancestors for their continued guidance and support in my life

I ask for their presence now as a blessing on the work I am about to perform

(Repeat 2 times – feel free to call on specific ancestors if you know their name(s))

May the celestial energies and deities fuel tonight’s ceremony

(Speak your intentions for the following ceremonial spell work)

CANDLE & CRYSTAL WORK/COLOURS: Candles and crystals can enhance any divination work you do. Candles are also important for attracting the spirits, opening ceremony & closing ceremony. A great general colour guide can be found here-but please refer to this simply for the colour guide. Another phenomenal discussion on colour work (especially associated with chakra work) can be found on The Hoodwitch’s page. Allow the candles to burn as long as possible; at least the length of the ceremony.


  • Burning copal resin on charcoal during your work will cleanse the energy while simultaneously helping to activate the brow and crown chakra, enhancing psychic abilities
  • Mix the copal with frankincense resin to bring intensification and focus to your conjure work

CONJURE WORK/SPELL WORK: I love to take spells from various books. The ‘Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac’ is so much fun to work with. I’ve also really enjoyed the celestial based spells I’ve found in ‘Moon Spells’, purchased at The Witches Brew. ‘Jambalaya’ is also a great divination text for womxn from the African diaspora. What are you seeking to manifest? What do you need support with? Do you know someone else who needs conjure work done on their behalf or for their benefit? Whatever you seek to create can manifest, however you need to know what you want and use the spell to guide that intention & end goal; the wrong spell will of course not bring the desired results.

CLOSING: Just as you have asked the ancestors to be present with you to support and witness your spell work, you must also permit them to leave. It is imperative that you take the libation you have poured for them and pour it out into nature as a release. A house plant is also acceptable. Simply thank them for their presence and their blessing on your work and ask that they leave and return to their rightful home in the all encompassing ether.

I have toyed with meditating during, before & after Ceremony, but I have found that a closing meditation is most beneficial for me. I like to take time for inner reflection on the work I’ve done and also check in with my chakras.

MEDITATION: A great basic meditation is to simply close the eyes, quiet the mind and begin to breathe deeply. Inhale and exhale through your nose. Make sure that the loudest sound is your breath. Depending on what colours you’re working with for your Ceremony, imagine your heart chakra glowing with an aura the colour of your candle. See your heart center being charged by the flame of the candle – it helps to envision a flame at the center of the aura. Envision that colour growing with each breath around all of your body. See yourself having manifested; see your spell work succeeding – what does that look like? As the colour grows around your whole being, feel charged by the energy of Mama Moon and know that you are being charged by her light. See the colour then absorb back into all 7 chakra points. Take a few deep breaths with that light and colour illuminating all chakra points. Then fully absorb it into a gold hue from the root chakra, up to your crown.

May you find center and balance.


In solidarity & healing love,


Blame It On the Retrograde: Conjuring Your Calm Through the Chaos



I snapped.

I succumbed.

And though the Sagittarius fire burns beautifully hot in me on the regular, this particular passion was far less than pleasing or productive.

I screamed and shouted. I stomped and stormed.

I lost control of my ability to effectively communicate. And words are usually my strong suit…

I’ve had a disheveled existence, in all senses of the word, this past month.

I have been beyond disorganized, self-doubting in my internal discussion, restless yet exhausted, unclear and clouded.

Based on what we know about this most impactful planetary shift, it would be more than safe for me to suggest that mercury having gone retrograde has had an impact.

I’m certain that I am not alone in this experience…

If you find yourself poppin’ off way too easily, cussin’ out the wrong people, unable to communicate, clumsy and clouded, well then…you may be feeling the retrograde blues with me.

Mars stationed Retrograde April 17th and will remain until June 29th. 

Mercury stationed Retrograde April 28th and will remain until May 22nd. 

We also have Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto retrograde, as well!

So yes, stars…it’s all happening at once!

Keep in mind that there is a period before and after any planet stations retrograde that it will cast an energetic shadow, thereby still affecting those of us roaming this blue planet. This means you will still be able to use that (inner)gy to divine…or feel like it’s all falling apart.




Here are some ways I harness the opportunity for strong conjure as opposed to becoming overwhelmed by the ambiance:

Observe your communication.

When I snapped, I failed to be present in or patient with self. Do deep breathing check-ins; take 10 deep breaths and seek to relax all muscles progressively with each breath. Where is the tension? What emotions come up? Just observe them, don’t be judgemental. Reflect on what you want to say and how another may be most receptive to it, while in its full truth. Be committed to your meditation process. Even if its 5 mins a day or 5 mins once a week, take the time to speak with self. How you speak with self can be a determinant of how you speak with others. If you can, don’t actively engage in any arguments or difficult conversations until you can see, think and speak with your own understanding of clarity.

Call the ancestors into the space and ask for guidance. 

Whether directly in ritual (through pouring a sweet alcoholic drink) or through meditation, the ancestors will speak to you if you are quiet enough. They are not affected by the planetary alignment the same way, so they can guide you properly. They will speak to you through the elements and your intuition. I often receive communication through other animals, as well.

Carry lapis lazuli.

It is ideal for helping one shed the ego-skin and relax comfortably into one’s self. This reduces the fear of judgement, therefore increasing one’s comfort in speaking their mind; this taps into our Third Eye or Brow Chakra, allowing us to see more clearly. Cleanse your stones with quartz and take the Sister Spinster’s Third Eye Tincture, which can be purchased at The Witches Brew. This will help to enhance any divination work as well as opening you up to enlightened knowledge.


Lapis Lazuli

A traditional hoodoo remedy is carrying whole all-spice in a small pouch with you. It can bring the wearer feelings of calm and well-being.



Get reflective. Harness YOUR (inner)gy.

What have you been working on in your personal and/or professional life that you can turn into a reflective action? How is this positively or negatively affecting your life? Perhaps it is a good time to re-evaluate the relationships in your life and how they support you or how you support them. I love ‘free writing’ activities for these pieces; starting with a blank page and simply writing what first comes to mind (you may begin to have surprising parts of your self speak out). Write out action plans with major goals and smaller supportive goals to help guide you to the lofty ones; place this list in a quiet space under a piece of citrine (a stone of manifestation/conjure and personal will/creation) to help harness the energy to get the tasks done and goals achieved (when mercury is no longer stationing retrograde). Spend some time in solitude without people or devices. Meditate. Ask your interior questions. See what you see/hear/smell/taste/feel when you allow yourself to be still.





Though I love experimenting with ‘free writing’, I sometimes find that inner reflection can bring up un-solicited memories, trauma & emotions. I help myself engage in difficult discussion with self by attempting to consciously guide the reflection and focus my discussion:

  • Pick an aspect in your life that you want to discuss and write a letter to yourself. What have you been wanting to say to yourself about your work life or career goals? How have you been feeling in your intimate-lover relationships lately? Should you write a blog? 😛 During the writing, burn mugwort (which can be also be purchased at The Witches Brew) or frankincense resin on charcoal, for focus and intensification. This can also make a helpful morning incense to burn throughout the retrograde.




See what you can create! Whether its ritual or momentary action, what helps to center and stabilize you through this chaotic time?

Do your very best to BE PATIENT with yourself and others; we are ALL feeling it, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

May you find center and balance.


In solidarity & healing love,